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Take an amazing culinary trip to Vietnam ...

Chef Kim and her family invite you to travel to Vietnam for a meal. You will find traditional Vietnamese dishes which reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the country (the north, the center and the south), all this in a family and relaxed atmosphere.

The products are carefully chosen by the chef to provide you with a 100% Vietnamese quality meal. The recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and are carefully applied to provide you with gustatory pleasure.

Vietnamese tapas - "Finger food"

Like in Vietnam, eat with your fingers!

All dishes are designed to be shared, for pleasure, for gluttony and conviviality between loved ones. As typical as they are and intensely tasty, the dishes are varied in taste and texture.

Home made

Fresh quality products cooked on site, correct seasoning and cooking, fragrant flavors with fresh herbs ...



At Saigon Pearl, you will find all the ingredients you need to travel to Vietnam for a meal!


A family above all...


In addition to being a real culinary experience, the Saigon Pearl is first and foremost a family that goes out of its way to welcome you in the best possible conditions (especially in this period of covid...). 


Chef Kim, who was born in a family where gastronomy was very important, passes on all the culinary knowledge she learned from her mother in her dishes. Indeed, when she was a child, her mother sold food in front of the Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon). After 50 years, the desire to pay tribute to her mother was so great that she took the initiative, with the help of her husband, daughter Sindy, Maria and Kevin, and created her own restaurant that offers only Vietnamese dishes that have been passed down to her in the traditional way. A cuisine rich in taste and authenticity!


All of this in the hope of providing you with a culinary experience and a family welcome worthy of Vietnam.





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Opening hours

Mon-Sat           7pm-10pm

Thu-Fri             12pm-2pm (momentarily closed until teleworking is no more mandatory)

For any additional questions or for group reservations (more than 8 people), contact us via our e-mail address or by phone.

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